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3 Common Bad HVAC Habits You Should Quit Right Away

May 6, 2020

You don’t want to get caught without any air conditioning in Spring Hill when summer takes full effect. If you think something’s not quite right with your air conditioner, now’s the time to schedule an HVAC repair service. Although the Sunshine State is no stranger to extreme temperatures, quitting a few of these bad habits will keep your air conditioner from working overtime as the season changes.

Continually Adjusting the Thermostat

You should leave your thermostat alone sand only change it under certain circumstances. For example, dial the thermostat back when you’re asleep. If you’re home, don’t keep adjusting it when you get a chill or slightly warm. Set it to one temperature, and be done with it. Adjust it a few degrees here or there when you’re away to save money on your power bill.

Never Changing the Filter

It’s easy to forget about the HVAC filter when you don’t see it every day. The filter gets clogged with dust, pet fur and other debris over time, blocking the airflow and making your HVAC system work harder. Change it at least every six months to avoid putting excess strain on your system.

Blocking the Air

Some people grow bushes and shrubs around their HVAC system to hide it from view. It might make for a more attractive appearance, but the shrubs could block the airflow if they’re planted too closely. It’s best to keep the system open and free from obstructions.

Butler Heating & A/C Inc.’s Professional HVAC Services

Changing your habits, such as leaving the thermostat alone and scheduling routine HVAC maintenance, will keep your system running efficiently. Call Butler Heating & A/C Inc. today to learn more about our regular tune-ups can make your system last longer or schedule an appointment.

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