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3 Commercial Refrigerator Problems in Brooksville, FL

January 1, 2022

Your commercial refrigerator in Brooksville, FL, plays a significant role not only by providing sufficient temperatures for refrigerated items, but it also impacts productivity level, product safety and electricity bills. Since commercial refrigerators run continuously, regular preventive maintenance services are essential to ensure the equipment function efficiently all the time. Here are three issues that are common with commercial refrigerators.

1. Power Issues

If your commercial refrigerator is connected to a power outlet and it fails to power up, this is a clear indication that there’s a problem. You can use a voltage detector to check if there’s enough power to run your systems. In case there’s any wiring problem, you should contact commercial refrigeration repair experts in Brooksville like Butler Heating & A/C Inc. to find out if it requires rewiring.

2. Ice Accumulating Inside

Ice builds up inside the refrigerator often occurs when outside air finds its way inside, which later condenses on the interior walls. However, ice forming inside your refrigerator may indicate several problems, such as refrigerant leaks, a faulty door gasket, poor air ventilation, the door opening too frequently or the door left open for too long. It’s important to conduct regular temperature checks and frequency of defrost cycles before reaching out for refrigerator repair services.

3. Compressor Issues

Your commercial refrigerator will only work to its optimum if the compressor and evaporator are working properly. A faulty compressor will trigger the refrigerant to send hot air to the condenser. If you stop hearing the normal constant humming sound or if you start receiving higher energy bills than usual, there are high chances that the condenser is not functioning well.

Even the most well-maintained refrigerators are prone to have mechanical issues from time to time. Therefore, being aware of possible issues that might occur with your commercial refrigerator will go a long way in preventing them from advancing to major problems.

At Butler Heating & A/C Inc., contact us today as we take pride in providing quality commercial HVAC services in Brooksville, FL. Let our experts help you.

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