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5 Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips for Your Spring Hill System

March 14, 2021

When temperatures start to warm up again in Spring Hill, FL, your AC system comes in handy. Keeping your AC running efficiently is not only about comfort but also about your health and safety. Here are several air conditioning maintenance tips for your system during the spring.

Changing the Air Filters

Air filters capture dust, allergens and other contaminants that might interfere with how your AC system functions. However, the air filters might clog up over time.

A clogged air filter results in ice forming on your AC system. Solve this problem by changing your air filters at least once a month.

Checking the Drain Line

The condenser requires a drain line that will get rid of the excess moisture. Algae can clog the drain line. Thus, you need to regularly flush the drain line with bleach or use a vacuum cleaner to remove larger obstructions.

Clearing Plants and Bushes

Your AC system requires a free flow of air for efficiency. However, flowers, bushes or weeds might grow around the outdoor unit, preventing proper airflow.

As a result, your AC system will work more than required. Ensure that you clear any bushes or plants around your AC unit.

Scheduling for Professional Maintenance

As your AC system ages, there are a couple of things that might go wrong, and you may not notice them. However, a professional team can help in checking:

  • The duct integrity
  • The electrical parts
  • The mechanical parts
  • The level of the coolant

Getting a Programmable Thermostat

Most people leave their AC system to run all day at the same temperature. This is not only inefficient but also shortens the life span of your AC system. A programmable thermostat allows your AC to adjust to the required temperatures at different times of the day and save energy.

Call the professionals at Butler Heating & A/C Inc. for AC maintenance and repair. You can rely on our team for top-notch AC services.

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