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5 Common Signs You Need a Commercial Refrigeration Repair

June 11, 2021

Refrigeration problems in the Spring Hill residential area are not fun. Commercial refrigeration problems are even worse. You could lose your entire inventory. Here is when to call for professional help:

1. Spoiled Food

Inconsistent temperatures can cause decaying food. Uneven cooling can result from broken seals, a thermostat problem and even old age. If you are constantly adjusting the thermostat, your system may be running too hot or too cold. Faulty temperatures can reflect underlying electrical or mechanical problems. Both situations can cause food to decay.

2. Puddles of Water

Most commercial refrigeration units have a defrost feature that melts ice on the coil. That moisture goes into a drain pan beneath the unit and exits through a drain hose. Pools of water on the floor near the unit usually mean that the drain hose is clogged, and water is overflowing the drain pan. Besides being unsightly, pooling water in your business can put your customers at risk for slips and falls.

3. Damaged Door Seals

There must be a proper seal on the door to keep cooled air from escaping. Otherwise, the temperature will rise and food can spoil. A poor seal can cause excessive condensation that increases the probability of leaks.

4. Rank Odors

A professional should address pungent scents at once. A smelly refrigerator can warn you about the presence of bacteria. Spoiled food may also be at fault.

5. Broken Water Line

Units that dispense water or ice have a water line that connects the fridge to the main water line. If this line is cracked or loose, it can spring a leak.

The service experts at Butler Heating & A/C are on the job 24/7 for emergency commercial refrigeration services. Visit us online to schedule preventive maintenance. Our technicians will help you reduce costly mishaps at your business.

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