How to Use Your Spring Hill, FL Thermostat Efficiently

May 11, 2020

Today’s newest thermostats offer many convenient features that make it easier to efficiently heat or cool your Spring Hill home. These features only take a minute to set up, and you can customize them based on your schedule or personal preferences. Here are three tips on using your new programmable or smart thermostat to enhance energy efficiency.

Program the Thermostat

After our HVAC contractors install a programmable thermostat in your home, be sure to update its settings. Most programmable thermostats offer wake, day, evening and night time periods. You can set a different temperature for each. You can also change each time period’s temperature by the day of the week. They also offer vacation settings, allowing you to raise the temperature in the summer and lower it in the winter while you’re away from home. This results in lower energy usage.

Connect to Your Wi-Fi

Our HVAC contractors also install smart thermostats. To maximize their efficiency, connect them to your home’s Wi-Fi. This allows the thermostats to keep their software updated. The software updates include refreshed algorithms that allow the device to learn your schedule and make automated adjustments to your home’s temperature while you’re away. This lowers energy usage without affecting your comfort.

Install the App

Smart thermostats can be controlled with an app on your smartphone, according to Energy Star. With the app, you can tell your heating and cooling system that you’ll be returning earlier or later than usual. This allows the system to make temperature adjustments for energy efficiency and comfort. With the app, you can make other adjustments, such as changing the temperature in one zone of your home. The apps provide you with temperature and energy usage, allowing you to make more adjustments for energy efficiency.

To learn more about how to use your new thermostat efficiently and how a smart or programmable thermostat could benefit your Spring Hill home, check out Butler Heating & A/C Inc.’s HVAC services, page, or call us today.

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